KS-06 BG65, the most compact and flexible solution for the traction movements of small robots and AGV’s with loads up to 350 kg. Official presentation at the Global Robot EXPO in Madrid (May 8th to 9th)

Global Robot EXPO in Madrid is the world’s largest meeting point for automation and robotics technology companies in Spain. KELVIN will be present at this year’s edition on booth G1 of our partner ELMEQ.

Great novelty for this year 2019, we will present the parallel flat gearbox KS-06 equipped with Dunkermotoren’s BG65 motor.

The KELVIN KS-06 gearbox is a flat gearbox with parallel shafts offering a nominal torque of 40 Nm, which can easily be mounted on the Dunkermotoren BG65 brushless motor. With more than 100,000 units on the market, it is probably the most sold industrial DC servomotor with fully integrated electronics.

Small robots or AGVs with up to 350kg load

When the width and height of the AGV or the robot are very restrictive, the use of planetary gearboxes for the traction of the AGV wheels is not possible because of its length.
The reducers at 90º have very low mechanical performance which makes it inevitable to oversize the engine.

KELVIN has therefore developed the KS-06, a flat gearbox of 52 mm long which, thanks to the parallel shaft of the gearbox to the motor, can align the two axes of the wheels of the AGV in a very small dimensions. It presents thus a much more compact solution than two aligned planetary gearmotors and it doubles the efficiency of 90º gearboxes.

KELVIN’s KS-06 combination with Dunkermotoren’s BG65SI motor offers the following advantages:

  • Nominal torque of 40 Nm and 14 reduction ratios.
  • Rated power of 186W
  • Maximum power of 450 W.
  • Possibility to integrate electronics to control the torque, the position of the speed as well as a high resolution encoder.
  • CANopen communication interface, Profibus, EtherCAT Profinet.

As an example of application, in an AGV with wheels of 200 mm and a maximum load of 350kg, the traction solution of two KS-06 BG65x50SI  geared motors in parallel allows:

  • Intensive use 365 days a year thanks to Brushless technology.
  • Great performance at 24 or 48V optimizing the consumption and sizing of the batteries.
  • With a wheel diameter of 200 mm, an idle speed of 2 m/s (7.2 km/h) and a loading speed of 1.25 m/s (4.5 km/h) CANopen communication with the rest of the AGV devices.
  • IP65 degree of protection

We invite you to discover the combination KS-06 – BG65 on our booth G1 of GLOBAL ROBOT EXPO in Madrid on 8-9th of May 2019.