High performance gear motor for most demanding applications

Flat Parallel Shaft Gearbox – Brushless DC 85 W  – Speed Controller Integrated

KELVIN has developed a solution based on efficiency, robustness, operating lifecycle and flexibility in terms of design and adaptability. The gear motor KS-06 – BG65x50SI is an excellent combination for your motion applications. Here’s why:

  • Space Saving with a Flat Parallel Shaft Gearbox with a hollow shaft, Nominal torque up to 40 Nm
  • 80W nominal Power in a Brushless DC motor for a long lifespan.
  • Integrated Speed Controller inside the motor, very easy to program and control the speed (from 10% until 100 % of the nominal speed)
  • IP65 protection, CE and UL certifications, produced in Europe with all the quality standards.
  • Possibility to integrate a break or an additional encoder.

It is an excellent gear motor for conveyors, for start and stop applications with a load in continuous cycle, for packaging machines, food and beverage industries and, in general, for all the Industrial automation applications.

>Saving Space with the KS-06 Gearbox of KELVIN

Only 52 mm of length allows to you obtain 40Nm of torque in a really reduced Space.

With a hollow shaft diameter 20mm, the KS-06 can be coupled directly to the conveyors or belts saving time and mechanical interfaces mounting directly the gear motor in the application.

The 90 mm offset between the output shaft of the motor and the output shaft of the gearbox, allows you to mount the motor below the belt or conveyor, which allows to save space and ultimately provide a higher efficiency compared to standard worm gearboxes.

>Bespoke solutions adapted to your needs

With 14 standard models, you can choose your reduction ratio from, 23:1 up to 352:1 depending of the torque and speed you need. We can also combine breaks and additional encoders to give you the best solution.
Most importantly, KELVIN offers tailor-made solutions by customizing our gearbox for the needs of your applications, if you need a special shaft, (front shaft, rear shaft double shaft, linear shaft).

>Brushless DC Motor 85W for a long life and continuous cycle.

A nominal power of 80W with a nominal speed of 3100 rpm and 0,26Ncm of torque with a possibility to reach a maximum power of 168W.
The BG65x50SI offers a very nice power density, in only 65mm with a length of 132mm (including the integrated  speed controller) and a weight of 1,4 Kg.

BG65x50 SI

Highly Dynamic 3 Phase Electronic Commutated with 10 pole magnets, for a long lifespan of more than 10.000 hours, it is perfect for start&stop applications  in continuous movement.

>Integrated Speed Controller, 4 quadrant drive

User-friendly and easy to program, the Electronic Speed Controller with 4 quadrant drive  is mounted inside the motor. This allows to save space, as well as to reduce the labor costs of installation.  

The Speed is set with an analog signal control from 0-10V.

4 operations mode, controlled with 2 digital inputs:

  • Clockwise Rotation
  • Counter Clockwise rotation
  • Off (rapid breakpoint with free wheel)
  • Stop (rapid breakpoint with holding torque)

2 additional digital input to fix the speed memorizing:

  • Acceleration ramp
  • Braking ramp,

The motor has 2 digital output signals, one giving 15 pulses by revolution. Once combined with the gearbox ratio, it allows to obtain at least 345 pulses by gear motor revolution.  

>IP65 – CE – UL, Made in Europe

With 12 Pin connectors IP65 integrated, the BG65x50SI is waterproof, so it can work perfectly in humid conditions. Thanks to this feature, it is also very easy to clean the motor.

The KS06 – BG65x50SI complies with the most exigent standards of quality. The combination has been approved by CE (Europe) and UL (USA) certifications. KELVIN also complies with quality standards of the ISO 9001:2015 norm, ensuring constant customer satisfaction.

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