Gear motors for peristaltic pumps

KELVIN has developed an excellent gear motor for peristaltic pumps to ensure accurate flow rates with the minimum power consumption, and in small dimensions: the gear motor K55 – GR42x40

Constant flow rate is obtained thanks to ball bearings and special gear

With a special shaft of 10 mm (the standard is 8 mm) made of stainless steel with 2 ball bearings, the K55 is able  to support support big axial and radial loads of 400N and 250N.
This allows the manufacturer of peristaltic pumps to use different kinds of tube up to 10mm wide and different materials of tube with a stronger rigidity. Also the K55 is designed with 7 possible fixation points, which reduces the vibrations between the motor and the pump head, especially when the pump is working with heavy loads.


The GR42x40 is one of the most efficient motors in diameter 42 with 20W of power. Designed with a multi bar commutator, and provided with a ball bearing in the output shaft of the motor. Thanks to theses main characteristics, we can obtain a low cogging torque with a long lifespan while maintaining efficiency at its highest level.
In addition to this, the K55 gearbox was designed to fit reductions ratios of: 10, 15, 30 and 60 in only  2 and 3 stages of gears.
This flexibility in design enables to reach speeds of  300, 200, 100, and 50RPM, which are most common speeds for peristaltic pumps while maintaining the right power level throughout the gearbox.

With metalic gears and mechanical commutation through multipartite collector

A special design has been thought for the motor collector along with a set of specific metallic gears in the gearbox, which gives a long lifespan to the gear motor. This achievement in technology and design is ideal for short and medium cycles with several Start & stops. Peristaltic pumps are often used for demanding and precise applications such as dosing systems, for example.

Helical gears and low speed motor reduce noise level.

The K55 is designed with helical gears and the box is made with high quality die-cast Zamak, to minimize the noise level. The GR42x40 at 24 V has a nominal speed of only 3.100 RPM with a low cogging, obtaining a very silent wise combination.

Our solution comes  with all the required certificates:   

The Gear motor is certificated CE, and UL (USA).
Kelvin is certificated ISO 9001 – 2015. The motor can also be filtered to pass the most exigent test for EMC directive.


If you have a specific project where environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, dimensions and high accuracy can affect your efficiency, we can always offer our gearmotor with:  

  • Special Grease for low temperatures
  • IP65 protection and or Special materials of the Shaft ( stainless steel)
  • Special cabling and connectors
  • Rear Shaft of the gear motor
  • Customized ratio reduction and Encoders with several resolutions


  • Big axial and radial load to obtain a constant flow rate,
  • Highly efficient gear motor to reduce the current consumption
  • Special collector in the motor and metallic gears to obtain a long life
  • Low Speed motor and Helical gears to reduce the noise level,
  • The most exigent certifications to give you security,
  • Mechanical adaptation to your systems

The K55 – GR42x40 is an excellent gear motor for the most exigent peristaltic pumps in:

  • The medical and pharma industries to the dosing systems of reagents in the laboratory equipment as well as creams and ointments in the cosmetic industry
  • The chemical industries and industrial sector for the dosing systems of solvents
  • Agriculture for dosing cleaning agents in milk tanks, or dosing liquids in the alimentation systems of the animals.

The K55 – GR42x40 is not the only solution!

KELVIN has also developed also other products for Peristaltic pumps:

K80 – G640

K80 – GR63x25

K200 – GR63x25

K55 – BG42x40

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