Access control

Kelvin has very compact and silent motorised solutions. Metal gears are prepared for the nominal working point of the application. Thanks to their robustness, they prevent from all vandalism issues.

Our range fits perfectly for applications such as: Tripod turnstiles, Swing Gates, Slide gates in Gyms, Offices, Supermarket or other environments with high passenger frequency such as subway stations, airports or sport stadiums.

We also provide gearmotors systems for automatic access ramps for people with reduced mobility. They can either be onboard systems (i.e. buses) or in steady environments (i.e.building stairs).

Gearmotors from 20 to 250 W
With DC Brush motors or Brushless motors depending on the duty cycle and expected life,
Planetary gearboxes diameter 43 and 57mm up to 35 Nm nominal Torque
Flat gearboxes up to 100 Nm.
Possibility to integrate on the motor, encoders and parking brake,
UL certification

You can find here our dedicated range for this market.

You can contact our Sales Technical department to develop a customized solution calling at
+34 934 227 033