Kelvin offers solutions for high & medium voltage gear switches and circuit brakers, as well as for solar trackers (photovoltaic, fresnel or solar concentrating systems).

With really small dimensions, we have parallel shafts and planetary gearboxes with a very high torque output. Once plugged with DC Brush or Brushless motors, we develop solutions with the main following characteristics:

  • IP54 or IP65 protection
  • Extreme temperatures resistance ( from -40ºC to 60ºC)
  • High resolution Encoders
  • Parking brake
  • UL certification
  • Power from 40W to 300 W
  • Torque between 8 and 100 Nm
  • Very short duty cycle, with high torque output
  • Different input voltage (24,48, 90, 110, 220 vdc)
  • Always with a current level under control

You can find here our dedicated range for this market.

You can contact our Sales Technical department to develop a customized solution calling at
+34 934 227 033