New compact gear motor with reduced axial backlash

The KGS38 gearbox with 38mm diameter is combined with excellent DC motors made by Dunkermotoren and Faulhaber. They deliver a power output located between 7 and 10W with diameters of 30 and 23 mm.

It is a compact gearbox with reduced axial backlash used in robotics, for laboratory equipments, in the packaging sector for the change of format in small machines, as well as for any start/stop movement where space is reduced.


  • Metal gears and plastic cover, to optimize torque while preserving lightness.
  • 8 reduction ratios between 12:1 and 300:1 to get the working point of the desired torque and speed.
  • 6 mm stainless steel shaft, with 12 mm diameter sintered bronze bearings, to properly support axial and radial forces.
  • Nominal maximum flow rate between 0,3 and 0,75 Nm. Maximum intermittent torque between 0,6 and 1,5 Nm.
  • High precision of the gearbox, with an average backlash of 1,2° (unloaded).


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KGS38 / G30.1

-> 16 models available with 48h shipment.

– Great power integration, with a 6W motor of 12-24V with diameter 30 mm.
– Mechanical switching via the multi-bar switch for a lon g lifespan.
– Double direction of rotation and nominal speed of 3500 rpm.
– Output connectors for easy integration with wiring.

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KGS38 / 2237S CXR

FAULHABER 2237S CXR with optional encoder
-> 16 models available on demand

– Excellent power integration. 22 mm 8 W motor with neodymium magnets and graphite switching.
– Long lifespan.
– Excellent dynamic behaviour, low inertia and double direction of rotation.
– Possibility to integrate an encoder 1024 pulses three channels.


For volumes over 300 units, KELVIN offers the customization of the product with:

  • Special wiring, to reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Easy integration of the gear motor in its transmission system, thanks to the fixing of sprockets and pulleys on the output shaft.
  • Conversion of rotational motion into linear motion by coupling the trapezoidal spindle shaft.
  • Magnetic encoders of 2 pulses x revolution.
  • Special gears, 0 backlash
  • Increased power integration with 26 or 22 coreless motors.

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