Bespoke solutions

We have solutions
Thanks to our know-how in design, our engineers are able to adapt our products to your technical specifications. We provide tailor made solutions: IP65, low noise and any type of geometry.

Proactive collaboration
Our sales engineers work in team with our R&D department to meet your specifications.
You benefit from delegated and controlled project management to meet your objectives: redesign and innovation under the ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Proven methodology
Analysis of specifications, technical proposals, prototypes, tests, qualification, and definition of control tools, homologation, realization of plans, industrialization, and logistical conditions. We make sure that every step is treated with great precision.

Shared innovation
Each component benefits from a battery of tests in accordance with your specific requirements.

We are at your disposal to create your solution, please call us at +34 934 227 033